Why Us


Plan|right is at the cutting edge of a traditional and essential industry. We are reinventing the industry and we are accomplishing this through key elements.

We Provide

Full Service Brokerage

Plan|right is a full brokerage with access to the number one providers of final expense, historically defined as simplified issue insurance plans that do not require blood, urine, or saliva.  Quick decision, quick coverage, quick pay.
We also provide fully underwritten solutions. indexed universal life, dividend  producing whole life, whole life, and term insurance.
We do in excess of 300 million yearly in annuities helping seniors protect their investments for retirement.
We offer Medicare supplements, Medicare advantage, and health coverages.
In short a complete portfolio.

Day One Vestment

The day you come to Plan|right you are fully vested. You own your book of business. You begin to build your franchise in the context of ours. Leveraging our expertise, our connections, and our resources.

Lead System

We have done everything necessary to give our agents affordable, high-quality, consistent, regionally specific lead flow. This is huge for every field agent.

Real Opportunity for Advancement

Most companies claim they have a chance for career advancement. Here you advance yourself through your personal production, the only limitations are the ones you set.

In fact, three account specialists are assigned to every new hire to ensure their success.

 We Give

Full Service Brokerage

Full access on day one to all brokerage solutions, complete with training and resources. Enabling you to leverage the expertise of many to develop your career path.

Real Training

We provide personalized training tailored to meet your specific needs. It starts by building your business plan. Hard to hit a target if we don’t know what it is. With your target goals in mind we develop a clear strategy with executable objectives that will ensure success.

Power of 3

Every new hire has three account specialists assigned to them to ensure their success. From real world one-on-one training to 24 hour access while you are in front of the client, Your specialist is there to help you close.

Personal Growth Coaching

“Financial growth never exceeds personal development.” – Tony Robbins.

Individualized and group coaching are key ingredients to success. From immersion events to diagnostic tools you are empowered to grow.

Strategic Development

Success is not accidental or immediate and development is not random. While change is inevitable, growth is not. A strategic plan based on quantifiable numbers utilizing analytics will ensure your business growth.

With access to tools such as a free and secure CRM, managing your business, on the go, has never been easier.

 You Have

Sophisticated Technology

Planright has cutting edge CRM and mobile apps for everything from tracking leads, logging your book of business, to quoting tools.

Integrated System

Smooth systems that save you time and effort.

Ground Breaking Support

You have access to three product specialists in every home, along with the office and licensing staff to ensure your progress from contracting, to application, to you getting paid is seamless and hassle free.

Personal Free & Secure CRM

Your personal CRM is free on any computer, and accessible anywhere you can login. Managing your business on the go has never been so at your fingertips.




State regulated life insurance programs from the top-rated carriers in the nation. You are outfitted to select and design a program that fits the client, instead of trying to fit the client into a box.



Our clients are asking for the information: Qualified leads that say “Yes please send me the information on the new state-regulated life insurance programs.”



Not just final expense: Imagine being able to be the insurance person for the entire family. You will have the solutions for all ages and stages while adding the living benefits that truly change lives.

$Mil Issue Placed

Agents Mentored

Field Managers

Years Of Experience


Create the career you have always wanted, one that you own. Work with like minded people who believe in constant growth. Be mentored by the best in the industry. Regardless of how you see your career progressing, we want to empower you to dictate your own future. If you just want to get paid what you are worth, we will help you. But, you want to build an empire, there are few systems that will allow you to do it faster than Plan|right.


No organization makes an impact alone. Over the years we have forged unmatched partnerships to create the amazing environment that our agents get to tap into from their first day with us.

Integrity Marketing Group is one of the nation’s largest marketing organizations. They bring together the needs of insurance companies and major distribution channels by providing product design, proven marketing systems, and profitability into today’s top selling products.

North American Senior Benefits is the independent marketing organization that houses our final expense carriers and products. With a robust 12+ carriers to choose from, it becomes easy to fit products to a client in a competitive market.

Brokers offers our agents a platform to expand their portfolios in the advanced financial markets for fully underwritten and annuities. With hundreds more carriers and options to increase a broker’s ability to serve clients fully.

DFS Marketing offers our agents a platform to expand their portfolios in the advanced financial markets with hands on training and support.

TMG is a Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Resource offering great commissions, and we will also throw in: sales training, support, supplies, bonuses, incentive trips and more.

Product Partners

Begin building the career of your dreams

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Why Us?


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