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Welcome to Planright

Planright is an insurance and financial services organization that is obsessed with serving!

We serve our clients by creating and protecting their wealth. We serve our partner brokers by creating systems that empower them to build their franchise and secure their future.


What makes Planright unique is built into the DNA of the organization. Our values are immovable and remain the center of what we do.



Growth Potential

Millions simply live their lives. We seek to create our life through passion and purpose. We help build business plans that are effective and results driven. We know effectively 79% of Americans are actively looking for what we have to offer. With a complete portfolio of products, a targeted marketing strategy, and an executable business plan, all that is needed is effort.

Through analytical and diagnostic tools we are able to challenge and shape beliefs, releasing the fuel of potential residing within each of us, resulting in massive action producing measurable results. Let’s get started.

Success Stories

I came on full time in January of 2016, after leaving the military. Within 2 months I was matching my military income. I was able to triple it in month three and have never looked back. I have given myself a 30% raise each year. Becoming a sales manager has helped me help others do the same thing and more.

The support and mentoring I have experienced has grown me as a broker and a person. This company has put resources and knowledge into my life as a steward of finances, mental toughness, relationship and personality cultivating, and just all around helped me mold myself into the person I am today. How many arrows do you want in your quiver? The sky is the limit here.

Bubba Lawrence

Bubba Lawrence

Sales Manager

I became a teacher because I loved what teachers do! However, I would consistently come home absolutely exhausted. I wasn’t able to spend my free time how I wanted, and I found myself living paycheck to paycheck, with my teacher salary.

With a salary job, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to increase my income. The insurance business caught my attention because I wanted BOTH the earning potential AND to be in control of my schedule. I wasn’t looking for an easy way out but it was time for my paycheck to reflect my Hard work.

I want to be in an industry and job that helps every family I can to avoid being at a loss when a family member passes.

Becca Alderson

Becca Alderson

Sales Manager

I’ve been in the insurance business since 1993. Let me give you some insight as to the difference between this organization and all the others I’ve known.

Day One Vesting: You own your book of business from the get-go. Paid directly from the carrier by direct deposit (usually within a day or two) and you own your residuals! We currently have over a dozen lead types that can be narrowed down to the zip code or county you want to work. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trainings; honing your skills with new trends, technologies and products. You are tethered to at least 3 coaches to help guide, train, and mentor you. Promotions based solely on your success: Every promotion is attainable because it is specifically measurable by the Annual Premium you produce. Most importantly to me, the culture: No finer group of leaders has been assembled in the business. After over seven years with the Plan Right/NASB I have not been lied to, cheated, wronged, or mislead in any way. The integrity of the leadership has been stelar and their work-ethic is unsurpassed.

In summary, I have found a home with great people, great carriers, great compensation and I’m not going anywhere else.

Marcus Chalfant

Marcus Chalfant

Sales Manager

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About Planright

Planright is a financial services brokerage, founded in 2013. It was created to serve our clients and our team members, through high-quality financial products.

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