About Planright


Planright is an independent marketing organization (IMO) in the financial services industry; specifically in the insurance marketplace. We serve clients by acting as their independent advisor and broker for products in life insurance, health insurance, retirement, annuities, medicare, senior benefits and more.

Planright is remaking the industry for agents by agents. Each agent owns their book of business. We would love for you to join us!


What We Do

We have created a platform that empowers a hard-working person to develop a business, grow a franchise, and enjoy their career. Whether seeking time for family or more income for lifestyle, our platform helps you develop it through ownership and leveraging the expertise of others. We say “why live your life when you can design it.”


Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We believe in our people, we provide them a platform, we train them how to be rockstars, mentor them into maturity, and cheer them on the way to becoming our partners. We want partners not employees.


Our Mission

Empowering people to develop franchises. Yeilding strong six figures without working ungodly hours. Nights and weekends with family and friends. Lastly, Creating a legacy for our next generation through modeling success principles. It’s our passion, it’s our purpose!


Planright by the Numbers

We are proud to be working as a team to create some of the highest paid professionals in the industry who are producing the best results for clients.

$Mil Issue Paid Annually

Agents Mentored

Field Coaches

Years of Combined Experience


No organization makes an impact alone. Over the years we have forged unmatched partnerships to create the amazing environment that our agents get to tap into from their first day with us.

Integrity Marketing Group is one of the nation’s largest marketing organizations. They bring together the needs of insurance companies and major distribution channels by providing product design, proven marketing systems, and profitability into today’s top selling products.

North American Senior Benefits is the independent marketing organization that houses our final expense carriers and products. With a robust 9+ carriers to choose from, it becomes easy to fit products to a client in a competitive market.

Brokers offers our agents a platform to expand their portfolios in the advanced financial markets for fully underwritten and annuities. With hundreds more carriers and options to increase a broker’s ability to serve clients fully.

DFS Marketing offers our agents a platform to expand their portfolios in the advanced financial markets with hands on training and support.

TMG is a Medicare & Life Insurance Agent Resource offering great commissions, and we will also throw in: sales training, support, supplies, bonuses, incentive trips and more.

Product Partners


Others First

The Planright culture is one of our key, distinguishing characteristics. Others first! We have an eclectic group of people from all backgrounds with diverse levels of experience, cultures, and creeds. The universal principal ‘others first’ creates unity. From our inception we were an agency built by agents for agents with the understanding, To teach it you must be able to do it. Our culture understands what we do is caught as much as taught, we learn by doing, not watching. This fuels our Core value of personal, intentional, commitment to result-oriented training.

Making our trainees goals our number one priority. Others first, builds trust and fosters confidence. John Maxwell says “people don’t care what you know until they know you care.”


This is a lighthearted, slightly cheesy look at our people, culture, and what makes us tick. Enjoy it. Remember to smile while you watch. Get a good chuckle. Let it provoke some new thoughts patterns, ideas, and dreams. Allow the video to stir you.

People Just Like You

We are firm believers in the concept that states “what one person can can do, another can do.” If one person can make big changes  happen in their life and business to achieve a brighter future, then so can another person. We believe this mantra; we live this mantra.

We ARE change makers. We ARE overcomers.

You don’t have to believe our hype.  Believe the people who are living proof.

Not Too Serious

Good culture is comradery, common goals, shared insterests and a lot of play time. We take our business incredibly serious because it takes care of us. We take our playtime equally as serious because it takes care of others.

Fun | Family | Friendship

Good culture understands money may move mountains but good times with friends and family creates Memories and they are forever.


Purpose with passion yeilds determination. This company is determined to make a difference. A difference in the lives of the people we serve and a difference in the lives of the agent-brokers that serve them.


We like having characters on the team. It keeps life interesting. Everyone has a little crazy and we encourage unique personalities to join us. It’s not all about being a hardcore workacholic.

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