Any transition must be thoroughly considered from many different angles to discover the right match. That consideration will bring many questions to mind. We don’t shy away from those questions. This is part of your journey. We want to help you through this process, whether you work with us or decide that we are not the right fit.

Are our agents paid commission only?

There are 100 pennies in a dollar. Employees at best will received 15 to 20 of those pennies regardless of how hard or long you work in the form of salary and benefits. The rest is comprised of cost of inventory, fixed overhead costs, and company profits.

Here you will recieve between 70-80 pennies out of every one dollar. You can easily increase your income by your volume all the way up to 115%. You can also earn partnership and stock.

You are truly in the driver seat.

Are there any fees to join the Plan|right team?

No! Unlike many companies there are no hidden expenses like, franchise fees, cost for traning seminars, mandatory technology fees, shared office expenses, professional material costs just to list a few.

Here at Plan|right you receive full access to your virtual office, complete with branding material and technology support. Here you have a marketing staff to support you as you build your agency and an administration department to help you handle back office issues. All at no cost to you. We want our agent brokers to reach their full sales potential in a professional environment, unencumbered by extraneous recurring monthly fees.

Are there opportunities for advancement into management?

Yes. We are not a multi-level marketing company, which requires you to recruit in order to advance. We have a traditional corporate structure which allows you to promote yourself based on your own production. We go a step further by assigning three specialists tasked with ensuring your success. As you promote yourself into management these three specialists assist in devleoping your brokerage to the next level. Earn management, earn regional vice president status, even partnership with profit sharing and stock options.

Can an agent earn a higher contract?

Yes. Every two months agents may promote themselves based on their production. Production requirements are clearly outlined in the Path to Prosperity.

Can I start part-time?

Yes. At Planright we understand that people come to a new career at various stages of life. The goal is to support you to full-time status.

Do I need an insurance license to work with Plan|right?

Yes. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to conduct business.

However! A non-licensed applicant can inquire within about the licensing requirements for his or her state, which will include online pre-licensing course information (where applicable), with a huge discount from us, as well as other state requirements. Click the Apply Now button to receive information (must include valid E-mail).


How many leads does the average agent need?

Our full-time agents, on average, purchase 10 – 15 leads a week.

How much can a new agent make?

Our average first year agents with no prior sales experience are regularly earning $60-80,000 annually.

Agents/Brokers with prior sales experience regularly earn $10-12,000 their first month and over 6 figures the first year.

How much do leads cost?

Lead purchasing is not required. Leads can be the lifeline of any sales agent. We have multiple lead types ranging in cost from .50 cents to $29.00 each and many steps in between, depending upon the age and type. It does not matter what level contract the agent has, all agents pay the same without discrimination.

Also, we do not require any money upfront nor have any quota you have to make. Our leads are local so an agent can be home each night with his or her family. Leads are available on our back office down to the state, county, and zip code. An agent may purchase 1 or as many as they wish, 24 hours a day.

NOTE! Lead Purchasing is NOT Required to work for Plan Right Financial

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