Why The Industry


Planright is on the cutting edge of a traditional and essential industry. We are reinventing and reinvigorating the industry with four key elements; Complete portfolio of competitive products, Day-one vestment, qualified and granulated lead system, Real opportunity for advancement through mentorship and group effort.

Ride The Wave


The baby boomer generation has come of age. As they age, the markets they affect explode. As they reach retirement and move towards senior years they need you.
Don’t miss the wave.

By The Numbers

When you are creating your career and building a future you need to make sure you choose a growth industry that can bear weight for years to come. That is exactly what we have in the financial services industry and more specifically the insurance, retirement, and health markets. The demand is essentially limitless.

The numbers don’t lie. Take a look. Do NOT underestimate their power.


Of Seniors Have ZERO Coverage


Want More Insurance


Have the Wrong Type

What this means for you


Want What You Offer


Every perfect situation requires the right place, the right time, and the right conditions.

That is precisely what we have here. All three meeting together at one time.

The only thing missing, the final element, the right person. . .you.

Let’s be clear, if you have affordable and desirable products, with the largest demographic group of clients asking for products you offer, what more do you need?

An experienced, dynamic, and knowledgeable team to show you what to do, how to do it, and discover “why” we do it. As they say “we have picked the bones out of that fish!”

The Landscape

Millions Retiring Daily

76 million babies were born between 1946-1964 creating the largest demographic in history. We know that every market that has followed the baby boomers has seen exponential growth and stability.

Boomer Rush

Baby boomers created an increase in need and now they need life insurance. The demand sits at an 83% high and we have too few agents to fill this need.

Massive Need

As life insurance and retirement needs skyrocketed, the industry responded by making the products 22% more affordable.

Decreasing Costs

Due to the rising need of life insurance for these boomers, the cost of insurance has decreased by 22% making it more affordable.

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Why This Industry?


If you are thinking of making a career shift, you need to make sure you are in the right market. We have it, and you can too!



Why Us?


If you have decided to join the race in this industry, the next thing you have to decide is which horse will take you to the finish line.



More Questions


Everyone has questions during a transition. If you have more questions take a look at our most frequently asked questions.





If you are ready to rock, we are ready to help you get moving into your new role and career.

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