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Company culture is a reflection of the quality and character of an organization’s people. Core values create that culture. Our core value of “others first” enables us to cross-train, leveraging the experitse and experiences of many, to accelerate and compress the learning curve for new hires. We grow together we build together.

Keith Thomason


The strength of an organization is measured by the resolve of its people. Purpose fueled by passion equipped with a believable and executable plan yields measurable success. Success strengthens belief and certainty inspiring more potential to be released, resulting in greater activity and producing Greater results. Tony Robbins refers to this as the success cycle. Helping people identify their targets, developing an effective plan, which includes an empowering worldview has become my passion- my resolve. Our organization has resolved to build people for business, to serve a demographic that is historically been under served, to empower people with knowledge, enabling them to protect their futures and changing families one at a time.


We have assembled an all-star group of team leaders, managers, and VPs, the best in the industry. They represent dozens of years of experience between them.

Each of these amazing individuals has started at the bottom and worked their way to where they are now. They have taken the initiative, focused vision for their tomorrow and built a career and a future.

Crafting teams of successful members through training, coaching, and hard work our leaders are always looking for other like minded individuals to partner with.

Do you have what it takes? Find out.

Dusty Todd

Courtney Panton

Blythe Ward

Shane Richards

Hobbs Johnson

Cam Herring

Michael Wagner

Bubba Lawrence

Abel Hernandez

Naomi Gryglewicz

Bobby Parnell

Joeseph Caruana

Dennis Davis

Marcus Chalfant

Cole Thomason

Rodney Glessner

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This is an elite team. It’s not for everyone, but for those who make the cut, it becomes the highlight of their career and a cornerstone of the future. Your skills and your work ethic will be challenged, but the end result will become a point of pride.

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